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Data Access with Maxar ARD SDK and CLI Tools

Maxar ARD Python SDK: ARDCollections

ARDCollections connect you to a storage location (S3 or local) using the MAX-ARD SDK.

To learn more about ARDCollections, and try out examples using an ARD public dataset in S3, see ARD Collections.

See also: Data Access and Chipping: Deforestation Example

Maxar ARD CLI: Working with ARD data using the storage commands

The Maxar ARD CLI has a storage command for accessing and working with data in s3. To learn more and try out examples, see max-ard CLI data tools.

Work with ARD data using AWS CLI, GDAL/OGR, and Rasterio's Rio CLI

To try out other CLI tools with the ARD public dataset, see Working with ARD: Command Line Tools.

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