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Cell Summary

Last updated: June 15, 2022


The Cell Summary endpoint for the Metadata API lets you get a summary of the metadata for a specific cell or for cells that intersect a given AOI.

The Cell Summary query compiles a summary of metadata for all of the tiles in a cell that match a given set of criteria. The summary lists the metadata and the number of matching tiles.

Register an AOI for cell summary metadata

Maxar ARD stores Cell Summary metadata for most major areas of the globe, but 100% coverage is not guaranteed. Before you query for Cell Summary metadata, you should register the AOI that covers your cell summary request. This step ensures that the data you want to explore is available. You only need to register an AOI one time.

Once your AOI has been registered, you can query for a metadata summary. Two request types are supported:

  • Get a metadata summary for a specific cell ID. This request requires a cell ID in the path. It can be further restrained by an AOI and optional query criteria.

  • Get a metadata summary for each cell that intersects a given AOI. This request requires an AOI and accepts optional query criteria.

Explore cell summary for cells that intersect a given AOI

This query requires an AOI to be posted in a request body, in the bbox or intersects field. It returns results as a GeoJSON feature collection, with each cell and its metadata summary listed as a feature. See cell summary response example.

Get cell summary for a specific cell

This GET request takes a cell ID in the path, and returns a feature that summarizes the metadata for the intersecting tiles.

Cell summary response example

            "type": "Feature",
            "properties": {
                "cell_id": "Z18-031131122210",
                "tile_count": 200,
                "min_date": "2008-05-25",
                "min_date_timestamp": 1211673600,
                "max_date": "2022-02-09",
                "max_date_timestamp": 1644421800,
                "platforms": {
                    "geoeye-01": 33,
                    "worldview-01": 60,
                    "worldview-02": 79,
                    "worldview-03": 28
                "data_percentage_90": 105,
                "data_percentage_75": 125,
                "data_percentage_50": 152,
                "data_percentage_25": 181,
                "cloud_free_percentage_90": 103,
                "cloud_free_percentage_75": 117,
                "cloud_free_percentage_50": 128,
                "cloud_free_percentage_25": 141,
                "created": "2022-01-31T14:09:48Z",
                "modified": "2022-02-09T20:34:52Z"
            "geometry": {
                "type": "Polygon",
                "coordinates": [

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