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Example Outputs

Sample ARD Data

Browse sample data here.

Or try the S3 urls below. The QGIS layer files will read the source data directly from the cloud.

  • San Francisco, CA: s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/sample-001 (QGIS Layer File)
  • Albuquerque, NM: s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/sample-002 (QGIS Layer File*)
  • Addis Ababa: s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/addis-ababa (QGIS Layer File*)
  • Brazil Deforestation: s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/rio_deforestation (QGIS Layer File)
  • Australian Vineyards: s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/australia_vineyards (QGIS Layer File)
  • Wayne, ME (Worldview 1): s3://maxar-ard-samples/v5/wayne-me-usa-wv01 (QGIS Layer File)

Note: QGIS needs to verify all the layers in the layer file - examples marked with an asterisk contain a large amount of imagery and can take several minutes to open.

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