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Admin Overview

Describes the endpoints of the Admin resource.

Last updated: January 20, 2023

Admin resources

The following are subresources of the Admin resource.

Resource Path Description
Account /admin/account Get information about an account.
User /admin/account/user Manage users for an account.
Users /admin/account/users Add multiple users to an account in one request.
Credentials /admin/account/credentials Register cloud platform credentials for an account.


key value description
Authorization Bearer {{token}} Authentication method for ARD API requests.
Content-Type application/json Applies to POST, PATCH, PUT requests, which require a JSON body.

Path parameters

The following path parameters may apply to a request and are indicated by curly brackets {} in the path.

param description example
account_id The identifier for the account. 5963831769331387698
user_id The identifier for the user. 8591414d9c-d5d8-A903

Query parameters

Some requests allow query parameters These are appended to the endpoint path, starting with a question mark ?. The parameter name and value follow, separated by an equals = sign.



Query parameters are listed with the endpoint when they're applicable.

More Documentation

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