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March 2022 ARD Release

The latest Maxar ARD release includes two new data masks and two new APIs.

New ARD Data Masks

Monitor for New Acquisitions

Explore Cell Metadata

New SDK Version and Postman Collection

New ARD data masks

There are two new data masks in the ARD delivery output directories: a healthy vegetation mask and a panchromatic flare mask.

New Mask Description Documentation
Healthy Vegetation Mask Raster and vector masks to identify healthy, green vegetation are now part of an ARD order delivery. Healthy Vegetation Mask Documentation
Panchromatic Flare Mask Raster and vector masks to identify flared pixels from a panchromatic image are now part of an ARD order delivery. Pan Flare Mask Documentation

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A complete ARD order delivery now looks like this:

📁 maxar-ard-samples
└── 📁 sample-002
    └── 📁 acquisition_collections
        └─╴📄 10300100B3841C000_collection.json
    └── 📁 order_collections
        └─╴📄 5633324896324598239_root_collection.json
    └── 📁 13
        └── 📁 031133231113
            └── 📁 2021-01-16
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-cloud-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-cloud-shadow-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-clouds.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C000-data-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-healthy-vegetation.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-healthy-vegetation-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-ms-saturation-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-ms-saturation.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-ms.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C000-pan.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-pan-flare.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-pan-flare-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-terrain-shadow-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-terrain-shadows.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C000-visual.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-water-mask.gpkg
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00-water.tif
                └─╴📄 10300100B3841C00.json
    └── 📄 5633324896324598239-request.json                 

The Order STAC Item metadata file has been updated to include the new masks in the "Assets" section.

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Monitor for new acquisitions

ARD Monitors let you watch for new imagery acquisitions based on an Area of Interest (AOI) and optional matching criteria. When the Monitor finds a newly acquired matching image, it sends a notification. You can use the query ID from the notification to order the new imagery.

Monitoring User Guide

Monitor API Reference

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Explore Cell Metadata

The ARD Metadata API lets you explore areas of the world covered by Maxar ARD in order to discover ARD tiles you might be interested in ordering. The API was designed to let users quickly and easily winnow out imagery that doesn't fit their needs in order to focus on data that will be useful. It is similar to the "select" API, but is more useful for cases where AOIs are smaller and fast results are more important than the downloadable artifacts that the Select API generates.

Cell Metadata User Guide

Metadata API Reference

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New SDK and Postman Collection

To access the new Monitoring and Cell Matadata capabilities:

SDK users: Upgrade to Version 1.4.0.

Postman users: Download the latest Postman collection.

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Technical Support

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Maxar ARD Support.

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