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Non-intersecting Tiles Report

Last updated: August 12, 2022


Most orders will not include a Non-intersecting Tiles Report file.

The imagery selection and order validation steps use an estimated image footprint, based on metadata. The estimated footprint and the actual footprint can be slightly different. Most of the time, the difference doesn't impact the ordering process.

Occasionally, when only the edge of the estimated footprint intersects with the AOI, the shift is enough that the actual footprint does not intersect. In this scenario, the imagery would pass select and order validation, but the non-intersecting tile or tiles cannot be ordered. When this occurs, the intersecting image tiles in the order are delivered, and a report is generated that lists the non-intersecting tiles that could not be delivered.

Report name and location

This report is named {orderID}_non_intersecting_tiles_report.json

It is located in the order_collections subdirectory.

📁 {bucket or container}
└── 📁 {prefix}
    └── 📁 acquisition_collections
        └─╴📄 {acquisition ID}_collection.json
    └─╴ 📁 order_collections
        └─╴📄 {orderID}_root_collection.json
        └─╴📄 {orderID}_non_intersecting_tiles_report.json

Format and Contents

The report is a JSON file.


{"acquisitions": [{"id": "10300100082C0500", "cell_ids": ["Z36-300001000002"]}, {"id": "1030010028A87700", "cell_ids": ["Z36-300001000032"]}]}
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