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Account and User Management Overview

Last updated: June 20, 2022


When a customer purchases a Maxar ARD subscription, a new account is created. Individuals who access ARD are added to the account as users.

ARD accounts must have at least one account administrator. Administrators have the ability to manage users within the account. They can also see account level information, such as usage data and order history.

Account and user information can be accessed and managed by using the ARD Administrative Tools user interface (UI). A set of API requests is also available in the Postman collection.

Administrative Tools User Interface

To access the Admin tools UI, go to

Sign in with the username and password credentials for your ARD user account.

Read the Admin Tools UI Guide

Admin API

The ARD Admin API also enables user management and viewing account level details. The Usage API allows admins to view account level usage data. Individual users can view their own usage with this API. You can use the ARD Postman collection to make API requests.

Account and User Management API Guide

Admin API Reference

Usage API Guide

Usage API reference

ARD Postman Collection

Note: Account and User administration is not available through the SDK or CLI.

User Roles

Each individual in an account is assigned either the "admin" or "user" role. Every account must have at least one admin, but more are allowed. Roles apply only to administrative activities. All account users, regardless of their role, can select and order imagery.

Role Description Allowed administrative activities
Admin Responsible for adding users to the account, can view account level details. Add, edit, list all, and disable users; view account usage; view account orders.
User An individual user with no administrative responsibilities. "Users" can view their own usage data and order history. View individual usage, view individual order history, view details of the account they belong to.
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