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Metadata Overview

Last updated: August 29, 2022


The following are subresources of the Metadata resource.

Resource Path Description
Tile metadata /metadata/cells/acquisitions Explore tile metadata for a specific cell or for an AOI intersecting a specific cell.
Cell Summary /metadata/cells/summary See a summary of metadata for a given cell.
Query /metadata/query Get details for or re-run a tile metadata query.

Metadata requests

http method path name description
POST /metadata/cells/{cell_id}/acquisitions Tile metadata by cell ID Explore metadata for tiles in a specific cell.
POST /metadata/cells/acquisitions Tile metadata by AOI Explore metadata for tiles that cover a specified AOI.
POST /metadata/cells Get a list of cells for an AOI Retrieve a list of grid cell IDs that cover the given AOI.
GET /metadata/cells/{cell_id}/acquisitions/{acquisition_id} Get metadata for a specific tile Retrieve the metadata for the given cell as a GeoJSON Feature.
GET /metadata/query/account/{account_id} Get query list for an account Retrieves a list of queries for a given account based on query parameters.
GET /metadata/query/{query_id} Get metadata for a query Retrieve the metadata for the given query as a GeoJSON Feature.
GET /metadata/query/{query_id}/results Rerun a metadata query Retrieve the latest results for the given query by re-running the query. Note, it's possible to get different results from previous executions of the query if new matching data has arrived since the previous executions.
DELETE /metadata/query/{query_id} Delete a query Delete the query record. If an order has been placed with the query ID, the query cannot be deleted.


key value description
Authorization Bearer {{token}} Authentication method for ARD API requests.
Content-Type application/json Applies to POST, PATCH, PUT requests, which require a JSON body.

Path parameters

The following path parameters may apply to a request and are indicated by curly brackets {} in the path.

parameter description example
acquisition_id The acquisition ID for the image. 104001007297D800
cell_id The id for the Maxar grid cell. The naming convention for the cell ID is Z{UTM zone}-{quadkey address} Z17-120022203221
query_id The ID for the query to retrieve. Q5858085789215197042

Query parameters

Some requests have optional query parameters. Query parameters are listed with the endpoint when they're applicable.

param description example
format Choose the tile format for the query results. Formats are "geojson", "stac", and "order"; defaults to "geojson". format=stac

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