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December 2022 ARD Release

The latest Maxar ARD release includes the following new features and updates:

The ARD Tasking API

The ARD Tasking API lets you task one or more Maxar satellites to collect imagery within your Area of Interest (AOI) and specified time frame. The resulting images are ordered as Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) and delivered to your cloud storage location. ARD Tasking is a subscription product and credits must be purchased up front.

Tasking User Guide

Tasking API Reference

HD 30 CM

ARD customers have the option of enabling HD 30cm technology for images collected at a resolution above 40cm as part of the ordering process. If HD is enabled in the order settings, the HD 30cm processing will be applied to the Pansharpened RGB Visual ARD image tile and be delivered in the same manner as a regular ARD order.

Ordering HD 30 CM

Order API Reference

ARD Monitor Enhancements

ARD Monitors let you watch for new imagery acquisitions based on an Area of Interest (AOI) and a set of optional matching criteria. This release includes the following new monitoring capabilities:

  • A new "single-match" monitor type stops monitoring once imagery has been matched for each cell in the AOI one time. The monitor keeps track of fulfillment progress for the AOI.

  • The "expires" field lets you set a date for deactivation of the monitor.

  • The "datetime" field lets you monitor for images that are collected within a specified date range.

  • The "dry_run" field value can be set to "true" to validate your monitor creation request before submission.

Monitoring User Guide

Monitoring API Reference

Timeline view for imagery selection

Imagery selections can now be viewed on a timeline in the ARD Dashboard. The classic cell view is still available.

Generate an S3 bucket policy

You can now generate an S3 bucket policy from the ARD Dashboard as part of the ordering process. Copy the policy and paste it in your S3 bucket.

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