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Maxar ARD Evaluation Accounts

We invite you to try the Maxar API and SDK tools. Your 30-day evaluation account lets you:

• Select imagery by area of interest (AOI) and other criteria.

• View the results of your selection using our interactive HTML viewer.

• View, download, and interact with one of our sample datasets and QGIS layers. See the list of Maxar ARD sample datasets and AOIs.

• Test the ARD Ordering API with a small credit towards training data. Please contact your Maxar Sales Representative for more information.

Get started

To get the most from your evaluation period:

• Set up the tools for accessing ARD. We offer a Python SDK, a Command Line Interface (CLI), and a Postman collection for API requests.

• Learn more about Maxar ARD.

• Read through the Getting Started section and walk through a Quickstart tutorial.

• Try out the ARD Select API and see your results in our interactive HTML viewer.

• Place a small order using your evaluation credit with the Ordering API.

Note: An order request that exceeds the credit allotment will fail.

About the Maxar ARD sample dataset

Maxar provides sample datasets with QGIS layers over a series of AOIs. Browse the sample datasets to see the output file structure for an ARD order. The sample datasets can be used with the ARD CLI, SDK, and any other tool that can read cloud-optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs).

Need help? Try these resources:

Maxar ARD Docs

Maxar ARD SDK and CLI Docs

Contact us

We want to hear from you, and we're here to help. Contact the ARD Support team at

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