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Browse Resource

Last Updated: August 29, 2022



Get a thumbnail preview of a tile.


Headers are not required for this request. If headers are included, set the following values:

key value
Content-Type image/jpeg
Accept image/jpeg

GET Tile thumbnail

GET /browse/preview/{acquisition_id{}/{cell_id}


This endpoint does not require authentication.

The thumbnail preview can be run in Postman without authentication, or it can be run in the browser.

Example URL:

Try this example in your browser.

Path Parameters

parameter description example
acquisition_id The unique identifier for the acquisition the tile is a part of. 10300100B39ACD00
cell_id The unique identifier for the cell the tile is located in. The cell ID naming convention is zone+quadkey address. Z13-031133320013

The browse preview requires both acquisition ID and cell ID. This endpoint does not support preview of a full acquisition strip.


200 OK
The response returns a thumbnail preview of the requested tile.

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