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A new version of Maxar ARD is now available

The latest version of Maxar ARD includes four new data masks in vector and raster format and updates to the STAC item metadata.

If your account is created on or after October 14, 2021, you will automatically get the latest ARD version.

If your account was created before October 14, 2021, the changes to the metadata and order delivery contents could impact you. We’ve left you on the legacy version. The legacy version will be available until December 17, 2021. Any account that has not been upgraded to the latest version by this date will be automatically upgraded.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

These instructions are for the Account Administrator. Only the administrator, or "admin" for an account can perform the upgrade.

Please read through the list of changes below before you upgrade to understand whether they impact your work.

Note: The upgrade process changes a setting that points your orders to the latest version of our ordering system. Upgrading does not install software on your machine or upgrade the ARD SDK version.

  • Click Upgrade to Latest Version page.

  • Sign in with your Maxar ARD username and password. If you don't know your password, click the "forgot password" link to change it.

If you are still on the previous ARD version, you will be taken to an upgrade screen that looks like this:

Upgrade to Latest

  • When you are ready to upgrade, click inside the checkbox next to the phrase "I'm ready to upgrade". This will activate the "upgrade" button.

  • Click the "upgrade" button.

This message will appear when the upgrade is complete.

Thank you for upgrading to the latest ARD version. If you have any questions please email

This message will also appear if your account has already been upgraded.

Your account has already been upgraded to the latest ARD version.

What's in the latest release?

New ARD Masks

Masks that are part of the latest ARD release are marked as "NEW". If you're still on the legacy version, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version to receive the new masks in an ARD order delivery.

New Mask Description File type Filename
NEW cloud/cloud shadow coverage raster Identifies clouds and cloud shadow pixels. raster {acquisitionID}-clouds.tif
cloud polygons Traces the boundaries of identified cloud polygons. vector {acquisitionID}-cloud-mask.gpkg
NEW cloud shadow polyons Traces the boundaries of identified cloud shadows. vector {acquisitionID}-cloud-shadow-mask.gpkg
data mask Identifies all pixels classified as "data" in the raster image and vectorizes those pixels as a GeoPackage. Pixels are either classified as "data" or "no data". vector {acquisitionID}-data-mask.gpkg
NEW multispectral pixel saturation mask Identifies saturated pixels in a 4 or 8-band multispectral image. raster {acquisitionID}-ms-saturation.tif
NEW ms pixel saturation polygons Traces the boundaries of identified saturated pixels in a multispectral image. vector {acquisitionID}-ms-saturation-mask.gpkg
NEW terrain shadows mask Identifies terrain shadow pixels. raster {acquisitionID}-terrain-shadows.tif
NEW terrain shadows polygon Traces the boundaries of detected terrain shadows. vector {acquisitionID}-terrain-shadow-mask.gpkg
NEW water mask Detects pixels for bodies of water and swimming pools. raster {acquisitionID}-water.tif
NEW water polygons Traces the boundaries of bodies of water and swimming pools. vector {acquisitionID}-water-mask.gpkg

Changes to order STAC item metadata

In an ARD order delivery, the image tiles are accompanied by a STAC metadata JSON file. The following changes to the metadata are released with the latest ARD version. Read through these to ensure the changes do not impact you.

Updates to metadata

Updates to metadata

Asset name changes

The ms asset is now ms_analytic.

The pan asset is now pan_analytic.

Technical Support

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Maxar ARD Support.

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