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View Selections

Last Updated: May 4, 2022

View a list of Selections

Role Results
Admin Sees a list of Selections for all users in the account.
User Sees a list of Selections placed by them.

When you select imagery, your selection is stored so that you can re-run it later. When you choose your selection criteria, you have the option to add a "select name". This name makes it easier to identify the select in a list. Unnamed selects expire in 90 days. Named selects don't expire.

Account admins see selections placed by all users in an account. Regular users only see the selections they've placed.

list selections

The numbers in this table correspond to the numbers in the image above.

Number Name Description
1 Filters Filter Selects by criteria
2 List view Selects are listed in descending order, beginning with the most recent.
3 Actions Click the 3 vertical dots in the "Actions" column to re-run the selection.

Filter Selections

Filter the list of selections

See Filtering Items in a list for details about how to use standard filters and the customer filters field to refine the results in a list.

List View

The list view shows the following fields for a Selection:

Field Description
Name/Select ID The Selection name or Select ID if no name was assigned.
Account The name of the account the user who made the Selection is part of.
User The name of the user that made the Selection.
Select Date The date the selection was made.
Expiration Date Unnamed Selections expire after 90 days. If a Selection is named, it will not expire. The expiration date will be blank.

Run Selection

A selection can be run again to get the latest results. To run the selection again,

  1. go to the "Actions" column at the end of the user row.

  2. Click the 3 vertical dots.

  3. Click "Run Selection".