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Filtering Items in a List

Last Updated: August 23, 2022

All list views in the ARD Dashboard have filtering options to refine the list.

Filtering Results in the List View

List views always include a filtering pane. The filter options are based on the data associated with the items in the list. To learn about filters for a specific list, see the help topic for that the section. In the filter pane, each field looks for partial matches.

All list views show 10 items on the screen at a time. You can page forward or backward using the direction arrows in the bottom right corner of the list.

Sort the list

List items can be sorted by each column in the list, from ascending to descending. Only the items shown on the screen are sorted when you click a column header. The full list of items cannot be sorted if there are more than 10.

Filter types

This example shows the standard filter types used in ARD list views.

standard filters

Number Filter Type Description
1 Date Filter Filter for a date range. Click the Start or End date and choose the date from the calendar picker.
2 On/Off Toggle Toggle to the left to turn a setting to "off" of "false". toggle the right to turn a setting to "on" or "true" When a setting is turned on, the toggle is highlighted yellow.
3 Select a value Choose a value from the dropdown list.
4 Text box Enter a word or phrase in the text box, and the filter will select matches and partial matches.
5 Custom filter Filter by metadata about the item using a name/value pair. The format is key: value.

Custom Filter

Use the Custom Filter box to filter for any queryable field. The custom filter requires a key:value pair.

This example shows filtering by a top-level property. The results would include all orders placed by the specified user.


To filter for a nested property, include the object name and the property name.

This example would return orders where a key:value pair of project-id:abq101 was included in the metadata object. metadata.project-id:abq0101