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Paste a GeoJSON, WKT, or BBox Geometry

Last updated: May 4, 2022

If you have an AOI in GeoJSON, WKT, or Bounding Box format, you can paste it directly into the AOI box.

Step 1. From the AOI menu, click "Paste".

paste an AOI

Step 2. Click the radio button next to the format of your AOI geometry. Choose GeoJSON, WKT, or BBox.

Step 3. Copy your AOI geometry and paste it into the box.

paste in to the box

Step 4. Click the "Add" button.

Your AOI will display on the map.

paste in to the box

AOI format examples

BBox example

[-106.8, 35.1, -106.4, 35.4]

WKT example

POLYGON ((-106.8 35.1,-106.4 35.1,-106.4 35.4,-106.8 35.4,-106.8 35.1)

GeoJSON example

GeoJSON Feature Collections and geometries are accepted. This example shows the format of a GeoJSON geometry request.

    "type": "Polygon",
    "coordinates": [
            [-106.8, 35.1],
            [-106.4, 35.1],
            [-106.4, 35.4],
            [-106.8, 35.4],
            [-106.8, 35.1]

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