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View Orders

Last Updated: August 23, 2022

From the "Order" tab, choose "View Orders". The results in the Orders list depend on your user role.

Role Results
Admin Sees a list of orders for all users in the account.
User Sees a list of orders placed by them.

This example shows a list of orders placed for an account, as seen by an admin.

view orders

Filter the list of orders

See Filtering Items in a list for details about how to use standard filters and the customer filters field to refine the results in a list.

View Order details

To see a page view of the details for an order, click the three vertical dots at the end of its row and choose "Order Details"

This example shows an order with a status of "running". Usage data numbers are estimates until the order completes.

view orders

Number Field name Description
1 Account ID The ID for the account the order was placed in.
2 Info Order details including account ID, user ID, status, and more. See below for more information.
3 Usage/Usage Estimate Cost and square kilometer usage data for the order. While the order is running, this data is an estimate. Once the order completes, the true usage data is displayed.
4 Details Order request details in JSON format. See below for examples.


The info section of the order details shows the following:

Field Name Description
Account ID The ID for the account the order was placed in.
User ID The ID for the user who placed the order.
Select ID If the order was placed by "select ID" or "query ID", the ID will be displayed for this field.
Status The status of the order.
Duration The amount of time the order took to complete. This only appears when the order status is "complete".


The Details section of the Order page the following order details in json format.

Heading Description Example
Acquisition Details The ordering status for each acquisition in the order. {"status_message": "Ordering 1B","id": "10300100B2B49700","status": "ORDERING"]
Output Config The cloud storage platform, bucket or container, and prefix names for the order. {"amazon_s3": {"bucket": "user-docs-demo","prefix": "test_2022-03-14"}}
Notifications The notification type and contact information for order updates. [{"type": "email","address": ""}]